About Us

Vinyl Corp.™ has consistently been in the forefront of wall and ceiling accessories manufacturing and innovation for stucco, plaster, drywall, veneer and EIFS/DEFS PB and PM applications. By developing and maintaining a professional partnership with architects, contractors, manufacturers, and distributors, we have continued our leadership role in innovative product development. Vinyl Corp. has over 100 new products to serve the needs of the wall and ceiling industry. Products like our 66XL Series Long Flange Casing Beads with 5" flange, ideal for stucco applications at the adjoining roofline, our DC Series of surface-mounted vents and Vinyl Corp. revolutionary new program offering custom color-match wall and ceiling accessories. This program offers a wide variety of our standard vinyl accessories in custom color-match colors to save finishing time, materials and labor costs on projects utilizing pigmented stucco or plaster finishing products.

Why Choose Us?

Vinyl Corp. is committed to meeting the most complex challenges in the wall and ceiling industry through innovative product design, exacting manufacturing tolerances, and the most complete selection of accessories in the industry. Through our progressive approach to engineering and manufacturing, we've created innovative accessories and set the quality standard for product excellence.

Vinyl Corp. is a division of ClarkDietrich Building Systems LLC, a company that believes peak performance is only achieved if quality is uncompromised every step of the way. We continue to raise the bar through innovative product design, exacting manufacturing tolerances, precise specification and state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment.


If you want to know Vinyl Corp.'s commitment to product quality, you need only look at our ingredients. All our vinyl wall and ceiling accessories are made from only the finest ingredients formulated for superior quality, performance, and reliability. Our commitment to use lead-free virgin vinyl compounds means you can count on an excellent product that performs without question and meets or exceeds all applicable ASTM (American Society of Test Materials) specifications, including ASTM D-4216, a requirement intended to certify quality control of vinyl compounds used for building materials. And every accessory is made to Vinyl Corp.'s exacting manufacturing tolerances so that each one is easy to fit and form every time, every job.