Vinyl Submittal System

User-Friendly Submittal System Built Right Inside The Product Web Pages now has the ability for users to build a product submittal quickly and easily by selecting the products inside the product web pages.


After the first product is selected, a Vinyl Submittal Icon with a product count is shown at the top of the web site.

Once the user is done selecting products, they can click on the Vinyl Submittal Icon. From there they can:
  • Add Project Information that will be added to the cover sheet
  • View the list of products that will be in the submittal
  • Add, delete or clear all products in the submittal
  • View the Submittal in a PDF allowing the user to print, save or e-mail
The Submittal System runs smooth, is easy to navigate and saves immediately as you select products. You can close the web browser and open it again, and your selected products will still be in the system.

Contact Vinyl Corp at 800-648-4695 if you have any questions on Vinyl Corp’s Submittal System or product selection.