BackerBead™ Installation video on VinylCorpTV

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​Backer Bead Installation on VinylCorpTV

BackerBead - A labor saving and quality control product for use at exterior openings in wet wall stucco applications.

BackerBead is manufactured to provide superior quality control in caulking depth, coverage and gap control. “Bury the Blue” to properly assemble the wall cladding system using stucco or thin-veneer stone, the best approach is to design a “gap” around doors, windows, openings and install a backer-rod with compatible sealant. BackerBead helps the installer create the “gap” on the wall without aligning it in the field. The gap is defined in the BackerBead, with factory applied extruded, closed cell backer rod properly aligned and affixed to the vinyl casing bead. This approach eliminates the need to install the proper style backer-rod separately, with the consistent gap in width and depth to assure a quality seal.