ClarkDietrich BackerBead® with E-Flange™ Combines Two Innovative Technologies for Greater Labor Savings, Moisture Protection

West Chester, Ohio - ClarkDietrich is making it easier for exterior wet wall contractors to finish around window and door penetrations with its new BackerBead® with E-Flange™. The new product combines two innovative technologies into a single, easy-to-install solution that reduces labor and results in a better overall finish with superior moisture protection.

ClarkDietrich BackerBead® is a labor-saving component for stucco and thin stone applications that provides protection against moisture penetration around door and window openings. The combination bead features a factory-applied backer rod that is affixed to the vinyl casing bead that allows the installer to create the necessary gap on the wall without the hassle of aligning it in the field, thereby saving time and materials.

The new product combines BackerBead technology with ClarkDietrich’s E-Flange™, a proprietary profile that provides 80 percent more stucco embedment than standard “flat flange” profiles. E-Flange allows for more stucco mix to flow through the flange, providing a more thorough and consistent embedment. The unique E-Flange shape also allows for quick and easy tying of lath and other accessories, eliminating the need to fish wire tie under flat flanges.

“We understand the labor constraints today’s residential and commercial contractors face and are always striving to deliver innovative finishing products that can streamline installation while keeping projects on schedule and with superior end results,” said Christopher Little, Senior Product Manager, ClarkDietrich. “The new BackerBead with E-Flange achieves this goal while providing data-verified moisture resistance to the building envelope.”

The product has passed the ASTM E331 test method, which measures the resistance of exterior windows, curtain walls, skylights, and doors to water penetration. The test is a real-world simulation comparing the use of no casing bead/backer-rod in terminating a stucco or stone system around a window opening versus the same assembly with the ClarkDietrich’s BackerBead.  In side-by-side tests, the BackerBead system with sealant passed the E-331 water-penetration test, simulating air pressure of 50-mph wind/rain. Conversely, the stucco system terminated with no isolated jointing failed in less than 15 minutes.

The product’s closed-cell backer rod is compatible with high-performance sealants. With a pre-set depth, it is easier to achieve proper sealant application; when the gap is properly caulked, the blue backer rod will no longer be visible. For areas where a clear sealant is desired, a white backer rod option is available.

BackerBead with E-Flange comes in standard 10-foot lengths and is available in white, tan, brown or gray to coordinate with commonly used mortars and natural stone and manufactured stone applications. Custom lengths are available upon request from the manufacturer.

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