Channel Reveals

Channel Reveals

Create 1/2" to 4" reveals in stucco & plaster surfaces.

Channel Reveals Bandmaker™ Series

Creates 1/2" to 1-1/2" reveal in stucco & plaster surfaces, at the same time providing for a band variable size.

"F" Channel Reveals

Form 1/2" to 2" reveals in wall and ceiling designs at the juncture of dissimilar materials.

SDCS Self Drain Channel

Channel Reveal creates 1/2" to 2" reveal in stucco and plaster surface and allows (SELF DRAIN) rain water to run off the plaster wall.

CSH Drum Channel Special Screed Size

Drum Channel is a plaster reveal leaving a narrow line on the wall surface, and getting away from the monotony of large plaster surface.