Miscellaneous Accessories

Connector Clips (For Channel Reveals)

Designed to be used with Channel Reveals as a base for sealants and to assist in alignment.

Connector Clips (For Control Joints)

Designed to assist in the alignment of Control Joints and to provide a base for caulking.

Straight & Mitered Connector Clips for Soffit Vents

Connects multiple sections and assists in the alignment of Soffit Vents.

Female & Male Casing Expansion Joint Components

Female casing bead with expansion slot, used as component of expansion joints, vents, reveals, etc.

Corner Expansion Joints

Designed to relieve stress in outside corners or in wall and ceiling interior corners where excessive movement might occur.

CXJR Corner Reveals

Creates a 1" reveal on outside corner, plaster & stucco. 1-3/4" perforated flanges.

Angle and Clips

Accessory Clips and Angle for use in special conditions.